Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Up a Creek Without a Tampon

Several years ago, a girl I REALLY liked invited me to spend the day at the lake with her and her snooty sister and brother-in-law. After several embarrassing attempts to water-ski, we decided it would be best to relax on the deck of the boat and engage in conversation. I was trying really hard to impress this girl. About ten minutes into our conversation, while out in the middle of an enormous lake, the girl had the horrifying task of informing me that I had started my period. Not only had I started my period, but I had started my period on the white seats of her brother-in-law's fancy boat.

We had no choice but to pull the boat into a restaurant on the lake called "Sneaky Pete's". Yes, that's right. Sneaky Pete's. For an example of the restaurant's clientele, please refer to this link-

I was forced to roam the establishment, asking the waitresses if they could spare a tampon. They couldn't. So then I was forced to ask the customers if they could spare a tampon. And they couldn't. So then I was forced to place a wad of toilet paper between my vagina and my soiled swim suit, hoping in vain that my impromptu pad would hold up long enough to make it to the drug store. It didn't.

And, she never called me again.

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