Thursday, October 9, 2008

The Happy Puppet

In some strange way, I almost wonder if Bush's imbecilic behavior isn't intentional. After all, he's a Yale & Harvard grad and a pilot. He can't be that dumb. Can he? Wait...don't answer that. I feel somewhat comforted by the thought of him being smarter than he really is. The idea that he (and John McCain) are simply the puppets makes me shiver. Because then I have to think, if he's the puppet, then who's pulling the strings? Well, you and I both know who's pulling the strings. Corporate America and other monied interests. Your wife is absolutely right. Bush won the office of the Presidency by projecting a "Joe Six-Pack" caricature. People could relate to him. People felt like they could sit down and have a beer with him. (as if that should qualify you for the most powerful office in the world) He was the perfect instrument to convince working class people to vote against their best interests. Throw some overt Fundamentalist Christianity into the mix and POOF! You've got the president of the united states.

There is no fucking way in a million years that the people pulling the strings are going to cede power to a black guy. A black guy who has found a way to tap into a spirit not seen in this country in a generation. He can't win. Please tell me I'm wrong and paranoid and cynical, but I fear for our Democracy.

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